Saatchi Presents 7×7: The Process


I’ve been in this extraordinary metropolis for six months and have already been involved in some brilliant projects I’ll share soon. One of the highlights so far has been Saatchi’s 7×7 seminar for New York Adweek. I provided art direction for the seminar’s identity across print and web. The event features seven speakers from seven professions speaking for seven minutes each. The aim was to capture the eclectic nature of the group and further establish Saatchi & Saatchi as the Lovemarks group. Take a look at the nifty gif below:


The body copy was written by Thalia Forbes, one of Saatchi’s genius copywriters. The design made its way around the Saatchi office, the event itself and the official website.






Thanks for reading, talk soon :)


New York Sketches April-May

I’ve been in this bizarrely incredible city for just over a month now. Every week’s consisted of more interviews and meetings than I had bargained for. The most interesting difference between New York and Melbourne is how willing people are to meet me here. New York is this chaotic metropolis of people creating the most innovative work in the world. The standard working day is at least 12 hours yet they’re open to give you at least 20 minutes of their time; and it’s quality time. There’s definitely a culture difference when it comes to sharing information and ideas to beginners such as myself. People like Milton Glaser, Steven Heller and Gail Anderson are some of the biggest names in design but they all teach at The School of Visual Arts also. I find that teaching and passing knowledge on is an honour here which, in part, is what makes New York such a productive environment for creators.

Socialising is an absolute must here as well. To reiterate, these guys work enormous hours yet there is always somewhere to go or something to do afterward. Not only is it fun but it seems essential to having any shot at being a designer here. Overall, I’m really impressed by New York’s emphasis of community and sharing. I’ve been going to a few life drawing classes and overall they’re quite similar to the ones back at home which brings a little comfort :) It’s also a great way to meet with like minded people and keep up with the drawing skills. I’ve also been focussing on illustrative type and taking note of the signage around the city. Most of the typographic pieces you’ll see below are pieces of advice I’ve received from designers I’ve visited. I hope you enjoy my first selection of sketches done in New York.

Big love to you all and thank you for checking in,



SAM_5864 SAM_5870 SAM_5871 SAM_5875 SAM_5876 SAM_5878 SAM_5879 SAM_5881 SAM_5882 SAM_5883 SAM_5890 SAM_5892

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